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Reference: C7ZZ-5310-P

Performance Coil Springs 1" Drop 64-73

64-70 These springs are custom wound for the performance oriented customer. They feature 600-pound/inch rating and will lower the car approximately one inch from stock. Painted Black. Note: Most cars original front springs have collapsed partially and 1" drop will not be noticed.

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Hinge rear seat Fastback 67-68
  • Hinge rear seat Fastback 67-68

67-68 Fastback Trap Door Hinge

C7ZB-6345702 FDM1083TS-1/2 L1.47

Hinge Rear Seat Fastback, Mustang 1967-1968

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  • Hinge for the fold-down rear seat on the Mustang 1967 and 1968

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C7ZB-6345702 FDM1083TS-1/2 L1.47

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